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Participating Zoos, Aquariums & Museums

Zoos, aquariums and museums from across the country are using the Vendor Centric Purchasing Platform to solicit all bids and RFPs.

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The Vendor Centric Purchasing Platform: Vendor Benefits

Welcome to the Vendor Centric Purchasing Platform, an online bidding and quoting system that makes it easy for vendors to find business opportunities from zoos, aquariums and museums. The purchasing platform is utilized by zoos, aquariums, and museums throughout the country.

Vendors who register in the Vendor Centric Purchasing Platform can find RFPs and bid opportunities from participating zoos, aquariums and museums. The centralized, web-based purchasing platform aids vendors in learning about industry-targeted solicitations to help grow their business.

Accessing bid specifications and documents couldn’t be easier by registering as a Select Vendor. Bid notifications are sent directly to vendors via email and all documents are easily downloadable.

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  • Automatic Bid & RFP Notification
  • Electronic Bid Submission
  • Business Opportunities Matched To Your Business
  • Notification of All Related Addenda
  • Bid Deadline and Term-Contract Expiration Reminders
Package BenefitsBasic VendorSelect Vendor
Select Vendor
$10.38/mo 2-year term
View Solicitations by Organization
View Solicitations Documents
Receive Targeted Opportunities  
Receive Notification of Addenda  
Receive Notification of Term Contracts  
Access Advanced Search Engine  
Track Opportunities & Save Searches  
Advertise your Company to Buyers  
Add Additional Contacts & Locations  
Access & Search Document History  
Receive Bid Deadline Reminders  
Live Vendor Support  
Multi-Year Discounted Price